For decision makers charged with considerations of company resources, staffing and marketing strategy, clear insight into future construction volumes and building trends is essential. However, economic indicators seldom provide an adequate picture of these volumes.

The construction industry operates in a late cyclical market, which means that buildings designed today will not be ready until at least two years from now. The economic activities of architecture firms do provide a strong indication of the direction in which the construction sector will develop, in terms of both building volumes and building trends (the way in which building volumes will be realised).

Architects have already been monitored by several institutes, but in quite diverging ways between different countries. For a more cohesive view, Arch-Vision launched beginning of 2009 the European Architectural Barometer. The European Architectural Barometer is highly useful for organisations with a focus on the main countries in the European market which would like to have non-fragmented but thorough view on the construction market (future buildings volumes and major building tends) comparable for the countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Poland. The European Architectural Barometer is a research, whereby 1.600 architects are interviewed every quarter. In each research the economic development at architectural agencies is investigated. Based on this information we developed a building volume prediction model which describes the construction outlooks for the current and the coming 2 years.

Each quarter also focuses on a specific building trends or main marketing topic like sustainability, information sources, building information modeling, technology trends, design trends, etc.. This information helps to identify opportunities and is useful by the determination of the marketing strategy.

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The hardest times are over for the Dutch and Spanish construction sector. The Italian and French architects still going through difficult times.
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